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Excellence Made in Italy.

« Running through every Flexform product is a common thread that traces back to the fact that they are immediately recognisable pieces of furniture, designed for everyday life and always easy to use ». This quote from Antonio Citterio summarises the principle that has always and continues to inspire the company’s work.

For over 40 years, Antonio Citterio and Flexform have designed ordinary products in extraordinary ways, with passion, dedication, and meticulous attention to detail.

Flexform has been able to work with more than one generation of designers thanks to robust design–production synergies.

The company has surrounded itself with the finest Italian designers since the 60s. By coordinating all of the company’s collections for over 40 years, Antonio Citterio has helped write its story and reflect its values in real-life objects. He has breathed life into every product he has created.

“Talking about my relationship with FLEXFORM is like talking about a group of friends who have shared visions and experiences. It is also talking about a large part of my life, as we’ve been seeing each other for more than forty years”.

Antonio Citterio

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